Our Achievements

The healthcare/bio market continues to grow steadily in response to increasing demand for medical care and is expected to continue expanding in both developed and emerging countries. In the past, even during periods of economic recession, healthcare/bio related spending remained strong.

In such an environment, healthcare/bio related companies have stably increased their profits, and their long-term stock prices have risen significantly compared to the overall market. If you see great potential in healthcare/bio, related stocks that benefit from the expansion of the healthcare/bio market may be one of the your best investment options.

In our lives, consumption is not only a means of getting what we need, but also a means of enhancing convenience, bringing color and happiness to our lives, and expanding our connection with people. Changes in lifestyles and values have led to major changes in consumption trends, which have led to changes significantly in the forms of consumption as well as the technologies and services that support consumption.

We focus on both long-term structural changes in consumption (long-term trends) and short-term fluctuations in consumption demand (short-term trends) and pursue attractive investment opportunities by implementing agile operations.

Until now, the IT industry has focused on automating and streamlining things that have been standardized to some extent. But in the future, it will be necessary to step into more personalized products and services.

At this time, if there is a company that anticipates the advance of technology and potential beyond the times, there is merit in considering an upfront investment.

We will change the way people work and live by creating new innovations and expanding partnerships in fields such as batteries, autonomous driving technology, robotics, and smart cities. We aim to create safe and sustainable mobility supported by connected technology and deliver happiness to all people.

Also, we invest in pioneering entrepreneurs who specialize in critical technologies for sustainable mobility.

When purchasing investment assets, Realty Management conducts due diligence such as examining the appropriateness of prices and analyzing risks, procuring leveraged finance and completing closing procedures. We are equipped with a system that can provide a one-stop service from asset sales to a collection of funds while implementing measures to increase value.

We play a role in our investment and lending activities by maximizing the value of existing investment assets and discovering new investment opportunities by making full use of the network we have built in the market and the knowledge and experience we have cultivated.

Investment Portfolio